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Giovanni (The Great)

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Pauline Furmanczyk Winogron

children's book, moral stories, new Canadian books, Giovanni the Great!

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The Giovanni Story

Pauline Furmanczyk-Winogron marks her debut in the

literary world with the release of "Giovanni (the Great)"

(published by iUniverse).

With a lovable cast of richly drawn characters, this new

novel reveals a powerful message about the joy that

comes from pursuing one's dreams and the rewards of

true friendship.

Giovanni (the Great) tells a story of a 10-year-old boy

named Antonio who dreams of being a violinist despite

great disfigurement of both his hands.


He befriends Giovanni, a fellow tenant in his parents' rooming house, who aspires to be an opera singer but has challenges of his own. Despite many obstacles, their heartwarming journey to fame is filled with hilarious antics and memorable moments.

Children's Author Pauline Furmanczyk Winogron, Giovanni the Great!
About the Author..

Pauline Furmanczyk-Winogron is the eleventh child of artistic and musical Polish immigrants.


Pauline’s love of children and writing inspired her to write her first novel, which has proved to be a hit during her live classroom readings. Her family-friendly stories are grounded in positive messaging.


Pauline and her husband, Steve, have two children and live in Ottawa, Canada.

Children's author Pauline Furmanczyk Winogron, Giovanni the Great!
Ideal Classroom Material..

Originally a tale from the imagination of a mom to her two children, "Giovanni (the Great)" grew into a series of classroom readings and ultimately, to the publication of this funny and powerful novel for kids aged 8-12.

Teachers can use the morals of the story as an entertaining way to delve into important topics like physical challenges, bullying, good friendships and chasing your dreams!

We invite teachers to consider the book for their classrooms or school libraries.

Schedules permitting, Pauline occasionally offers in-class readings.

Giovanni the Great is an excellent classroom book!  By Pauline Furmanczyk Winogron
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THE reviews...

"Giovanni is not just a triumph of the imagination,

but an enchanting gift to children of all ages. 

Pauline Winogron, take a bow!"


Award-winning Author and Journalist

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